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When you purchase at least one ounce of flower on a single purchase, you’ll automatically be invited to The Ounce Club. You’ll instantly receive our prestigious membership card, and each time you make a purchase of at least one ounce of flower, your card will be scanned and credited. After purchasing 12 ounces, your 13th ounce is free.

Do $250 ounce specials count toward The Ounce Club?

Yes, patients who purchase a $250/$298/$325/$360 ounce are automatically enrolled into the ounce club and the ounce will be counted towards the freebie.

What happens after I receive my free 13th ounce?

After the FREE ounce is redeemed the card gets wiped and your card starts again to build credit towards the freebie ounce.

What happens if I lose my card?

No problem! Your UGD account has been noted with your card number, so we can still make sure you get credit for your purchase. When the 13th ounce is awarded, you’ll be issued a new card.

What if I purchase an ounce total in separate purchases?

Ounces must be purchased whole and not cumulatively. An entire ounce must be purchased on one transaction to receive credit, although it doesn’t have to be the same strain. Grams also count towards the total weight purchased.

Do concentrates & edibles count towards the ounce?

Unfortunately, flower is the only product that qualifies for the ounce club.

Do ounce purchases have to be all one strain?

No, you can have an unlimited amount of strains as long as it adds up to an ounce. Grams also count towards the total weight purchases.

How do I check my balance?

We can scan your card at the dispensary or you can call and we can check it over the phone with your card number.

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