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Do Mangos Make Marijuana More Magical?

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by UGD
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There’s no denying we live in a world where good isn’t good enough unless it’s great.  Many times we find ourselves “supersizing” everything we do whether it’s the type of engine in our car, the quality of food we eat or the brand of clothes we wear.  As a result, marijuana users alike have found a way to take their marijuana smoking from good to great and they’ve done it with a heart healthy mango smoothie.

Since the early 70s, there’s been an ongoing debate between the science and marijuana communities over what role mangos actually play in increasing the potency and length of a marijuana-induced high.  Luckily for both communities, the verdict is in and mangos are in fact the real deal and the magical component is a chemical known as myrcene terpenes.

Myrcene terpenes, a chemical commonly used for fragrances, can be found in marijuana, lemon grass, hops, and of course mangos.  This explains why each of these types of plants have such a powerful and distinct odor.   The way this chemical works is by increasing the rate at which the psychoactive substance, THC, can travel across the blood brain barrier (BBB).  When a mango is consumed, depending on the user’s metabolism, the body takes approximately sixty to ninety minutes later to digest and carry the myrecene terpenes into the bloodstream.  Once circulating, the myrcene terpenes becomes active and helps carry THC across the BBB and directly into the brain.  This transfer typically takes the average marijuana user seven seconds after “taking a hit,” but after eating a mango up to one hour prior to smoking, the THC’s journey drastically shortens to three to four seconds, allowing the THC to “hit” the patient much faster and longer than normally experienced. Author, Patrick Hall, recounts his experience in his article, “Stoner Fruit Cocktail:

“I got up at 11 am and scarfed down a nice overly ripe mango.  I’d read that the high would come on quicker and smoother, and after just a few hits you’d willingly put down your pot. Well, for me, all of that was true. After my first few pulls off the bag I noticed I was already lifted. After my second bag I didn’t need any more and turned the Volcano off.  Within 10 minutes of my first hit I was in orbit.”

All in all, Mangos appear to be the real deal and the myrcene terpenes found in them appear in fact to increase the potency and length of the marijuana induced effect.  For our patients at Urban Greenhouse who are burdened with daily aches and pains, this might be a way to improve the effectiveness of your marijuana and increase the medicinal effects as well as the overall feeling of wellbeing.

Have you ever tried this, (or even heard of this)?  Let us know what you think.


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