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Posted on: November 21st, 2016 by Young Le
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mexico-us-relationsWe Americans have depended on Mexican pot for decades, and according to CBS News it was considered the gold standard of marijuana in this country. But now, however, things have changed and with so many states legalizing the possession and cultivation of pot, the demand is for United States brands instead of the stuff from south of the border.

American weed is also much more potent than the Mexican pot. Our buds are thought of as gourmet marijuana, even by customers who live in Old Mexico. The smuggling of high grade and truly potent cannabis has reversed itself. Smuggling hasn’t lessened at all but some of the secret pot trafficking is now going from North to South – from the U.S. to Mexico. That’s because marijuana aficionados living down there have either heard about our wonderfully strong and well cultivated pot or they have tasted the product for themselves and made a deliberate choice to switch from their home brand to the exquisite imported labels from Gringo Land.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) admitted that members of Mexican drug cartels are actually smuggling American pot into Mexico. It’s not a colossal amount, but it is enough to capture the DEA’s attention and take notice of a reversal in trends. Since over half of the states in this country have legalized marijuana to some extent, the Border Patrol has noticed a marked decline in seizures of cannabis crossing our border and heading north. In 2014, the pot they interdicted at the border was almost 25% less than the previous year. That’s hundreds of millions pot sales dollars that didn’t go into the pockets of the Mexican gangs and cartels.

Americans apparently like their homegrown pot so much more than the Mexican herbs they used to rely on that it is taking a bite out of the Mexican cannabis growers pockets too. Marijuana production keeps shrinking and Mexican officials who keep track of seizures down south said 2013 was the lowest marijuana growth year since 2000.

Perhaps some people are right – supply and demand regulates the market and the product regulates the demand and hence the supply. With that in mind, we feel it is safe to say that American pot is the best in this hemisphere.

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